Post Awards

Monday, February 19, 2007

What is Post Awards?

Post Awards is simply an online publication that hands out awards to great posts during the day that are made by different existing blogs. If a blogger has made a post today and Post Awards was informed by the blogger or I was able to see it during my web wanderings, such posts will be a candidate for a "Post Award".

Here are the rules:

1. Posts made during the day or the day before are eligible for an award. This will be based on the date of the particular blog posts.

2. Posts can be on any topic.

3. Awards or recognition are given the day after.

4. Winning "Posts of the Day" are eligible for a "Post of the Week" award. Weekly winners are eligible for "Posts of the Month" recognition. We will choose from the monthly winner a "Post of the Year" award.

You can nominate your own or others posts by posting it as a comment in the latest blog posts. (Note: The winning posts may or may NOT come from those in the comments section. If in my web surfing, I happen to come across a post which is superb in my opinion, I will pick that one.)


Henry Leong said...

What do you think of my blog, thanks

Easterangel said...

Hi Henry!

Great blog! Your very last post by Saturday will be taken into consideration.

Please post a specific blog post you made that we should consider for an award in the Post Awards Forums.