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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Post of The Day - Yahoo Messenger Blog

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Our "Post of the Day" goes to the Yahoo Messenger Blog! It is seldom that I choose and even read product blogs but this one is too interesting to pass up and not be given an award. This post shows how Yahoo Messenger can be used effectively by visually impaired individuals.

The post also gives as an insight on how the visual impaired process natural voice messages much faster than those who rely on their sight. This is a great discussion on how the internet can be accessible to anybody.

This post is eligible for the "Post of the Week Awards".


Sarah Bacon said...

Thanks Easterangel for the award. We appreciate it!

Sarah Bacon
Yahoo! Messenger Blog

Easterangel said...

You're welcome Sarah. Check us out again if you win the "Post of the Week" Awards.